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What We Do

Project specific services incorporating respect for traditional values

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

We make the impossible POSSIBLE!

Our team's critical and analytical approach allows us to investigate possible outcomes for any problems encountered and achieve realistic, cost effective solutions for our clients.  Problem solving has been at the core of most of the projects that our team has been involved in since the late part of last century.

Hand chiselling

Traditional Practices

Over two Generations

At Stoneplus, our skilled stonemasons are traditionally trained.  Time honoured stone masonry methods along with accepted geometry developed by scholars over the centuries are used to provide our clients with accurate stones for any project.

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Up-cycled with innovative applications

We are a one-stop shop for all your stone masonry needs.  Our workshop has all the typical machinery found in most stone shops (Bridge Saw, Jenny Lind Polisher & Mitre Saw) with three exceptions.


i) A profiling wire saw with rotating table, capable of processing 15-tonne quarry blocks to provide straight slabs of any thickness with an accuracy tolerance of + or - 1mm can cut simple curves or more intricate profiles as needed.


ii) Two x 7 axis robotic CNC stone milling machines, each with twin 15 tonne rotating work tables ("Optimus Prime" installed in 2011 and "Ironhide" in 2022) capable of cutting or milling pieces up to 3M high & 2M in diameter.  This equipment can mill any shape provided.  We can 3D scan a piece and replicate it accurately in any scale required.


  iii)  Robotic water-jet cutting machine (installed in 2019) capable of processing pieces up to 3.2m x 2m.  This equipment can cut various materials in thicknesses up to 300mm in any outline provided.  We can replicate any digital shape accurately to any scale required.

Popular items include large-scale house numbers in brass, stainless steel, and natural stone (most fonts available).

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From Go to Woe

Our group can provide assistance with translating your conceptual design into actual 3D CAD documents... all the way down the worm hole to the development of a workable proto-type.



The right Team for the right job

The specialised team at Stoneplus has vast industry experience with the installation of stone projects around the world (particularly in manoeuvring large and delicate stone pieces into position) and can be expanded or contracted as required to provide you with a seemingly effortless installation.

Stoneplus - the "Can Do people" for the "Can't be done jobs".

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