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Standard Terms
  • Payment by Internet Transfer ONLY.

  • Quotations are valid for 30 days ONLY.

  • ALL claims for payment are made under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 NSW.

  • Standard payment terms offerred are strictly Pre-paid (Ex our Factory).

  • We do not accept retention.

  • If retention is required, an additional 7.5% must be added to our gst exclusive quoted price.

  • We do not accept Liquidated Damages or provide personal guarantees.

  • Consequential or Indirect Losses and Damages will not be accepted.

  • A Force majeure clause applies to all orders.

  • Any lead times that are quoted are our best estimate ONLY, but can change with availability and suitability of the natural products ordered.

  • Copyright to all shop drawings issued by Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd remains the property of Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd until payment in full (as invoiced by Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd).  Distribution, reproductions or use of these drawings without the written authority of Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd is not permitted.

  • All pricing information contained in Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd quotes are strictly confidential and not to be shared with our competitors.

  • We do not have an in-house JP therefore we are not able to provide documentation requiring a witness by a JP.

  • Non-refundable deposits are required on all projects.

  • A STOP CREDIT is placed on any accounts operating outside our offered trading terms.  No works can proceed during this time.

  • We do not provide Unconditional Bank Guarantees of any kind nor do we provide Security Interest Agreements over property as a matter of course.

  • Goods cannot be collected or delivered until proof of full payment of cleared funds into our nominated account is received.

  • No stone cutting is able to be undertaken until cleared deposits are received.

  • No unfair or unreasonable terms for building programs will be accepted by Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd.

  • If terms or conditions other than those offered in our quotation are required, there will be additional costs involved.

  • If adjudication or legal proceedings are required to recover any funds outstanding, all adjudication and legal fees incurred by Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd to this end will be added to the debt recoverable.

  • Automatically issuing a contract with terms or conditions that negate or alter our offered terms will not be accepted by Stoneplus NSW Pty Ltd and could increase our price or void our offer altogether.



Detailed, project-specific Terms & Conditions will be issued with formal quotations.

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