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Custom Made

Design your own unique piece

Stone Supply

Selected stone blocks sourced from local, interstate and international quarries as per your specifications. We specialise in cutting and handling large pieces.


A variety of surface textures & treatments are available to compliment your selected natural stone. These include but are not limited to bull-nosed, square polished, pencil rounded and rock-faced edge profiles, as well as honed, leathered, exfoliated, bush hammered, antique brushed, polished and grit blasted surface finishes.

Advanced Stone Manufacturing Capabilities

We have a 1000 Sq M factory just 30 minutes North of the Sydney CBD with a large range of highly specialised stone cutting and processing equipment.

Hand Carving Masonry Works

A hand-picked team of qualified banker masons undertake detailed hand carving and finishing works in our fully equipped banker bays.


With our innovative 7 axis robotic technology from Italy, we can machine and/or hand work any stone required.


We provide Industry Standard secure packaging and can arrange Specialist Transport including Marine Transit Insurance to protect your stone sculpture on it’s way to it’s new home.


An experienced team of masons available as required.

Site Works

Skilled installation contractors sourced as required.

3D CAD modelling and computer simulation available.

Large quarry blocks & smaller partial blocks available in various materials upon request:

  • Sandstone (various types) 

  • Zaf Brown/Black Marble

  • Calacatta Marble

  • Carara Marble

  • Eifell Marble

  • Wombeyanne Marble

  • Black Ice Marble

  • White Pearl Marble

  • Verde Austral Granite

  • Austral Black Granite

  • Imperial Black Granite

  • Tarana Pink Granite

  • Onyx “Honey”

  • Onyx “Coca Cola”

  • Iberian Limestone

  • Jurasic “Blue/Grey” Limestone

  • Jurasic “Beige” Limestone

  • Jura “Gold” Limestone

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